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Introducing the GoSquared API


The GoSquared API Is Here

Calling all developers.

It’s here – the long awaited GoSquared API is now publicly available. By leveraging the powerful API, developers can use the real-time website analytics data we collect to power their applications, regardless of programming language or platform.

GoSquared’s real-time analytics platform provides an overview of your website’s traffic at a glance, and allows you to dive down into very specific metrics about each of your visitors, pages, referrers and more. Our own applications are built on top of the very powerful API that we’re releasing today. We’re constantly developing and improving GoSquared – we want your imagination to be the only limitation to what you can achieve by building on top of our platform.

The versatility of the GoSquared API allows developers to create a diverse range of applications, from simple traffic counters on website pages, to mind blowing visualisations of a website’s traffic. We look forward to using the cool stuff you come up with.

Everything you need to know about the API is available on the new GoSquared Developer site. So what are you waiting for? Get stuck in and show us what you can do!

James Gill, Geoff Wagstaff, James Taylor
A.K.A. The GoSquared Team

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