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LiveStats App now for iPad and iPhone


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What we love at GoSquared is seeing other developers making use of our API to produce cool tools to help visualise real-time data. Earlier in the year we posted about an iOS app for the iPad that presented real-time data from GoSquared in a simple to use responsive interface.

The LiveStats for iOS app has now received a major update, the headline feature is that the app will now work on both iPhone (and iPod touch) and iPad.

Unlike using our web based Dashboard interface on the iPad or iPhone the LiveStats iOS app by Korelogic offers a unique level of usability that only a native app could, not to mention features that are not possible using a web browser like the ability to project the Map view using a HDMI cable connected to the device.

The addition of the iPhone app isn’t the only new feature to LiveStats for iOS, the latest update also includes a landscape view on the iPad. Not only does the landscape view offer an easier view of the map without having to scroll around but also a sidebar with details of active referrers, search queries, top pages, current visitors and the locations and languages of them.

LiveStats for iOS is a great example of the power of the GoSquared API and a demonstration of how real-time data is just as important on the go as it is on a large LED screen in the office.

LiveStats for iOS is available on the App Store for $5.99 (£3.99), you’ll need a GoSquared account, they’re available for free.

GoSquared API

The GoSquared API enables developers to build their own awesome projects and applications on top of our real-time analytics platform. Built for use by you the API is accompanied by detailed and intuitive documentation to make creating your project even easier.

Our API makes it possible to easily build almost anything around real-time website analytics data, some of the examples we’ve seen before include top content widgets, product ranking tools, internal data dashboards and a simple live hit counter.

Don’t forget to let us know if you’re working on a cool project built around GoSquared real-time data and we’ll send over some free schwag. Follow us on Twitter or on Facebook.

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