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My Wii Tried to Kill my Xbox 360


Console War

The rivalry between the PS3, Xbox 360, and the Wii seems to have peaked.

It seems now though, it isn’t just the users that are fighting to have their console crowned ‘the king of the next-gens’ but the actual consoles themselves.

Many people now know the dangers of playing on the Wii without the wrist-strap (myself included), but that did not stop me from deciding to play baseball without it on. This wasn’t for any particular reason except from the reluctance of having to constantly take the wrist-strap on and off in order to share the controller around with other people eager to try it out.

The controller subsequently slipped out of my hand as i lashed for the ball to prevent a strike out. It did not hit the TV. It did not hit my girlfriend in the face. Instead it ‘missiled’ straight into the front of the Xbox.

And it seems like I’m not the only one that has experienced this enraging war between the consoles. The writer of this article witnessed another act of violence.

It seems this poor guy’s Xbox was murdered by his PS3 when they had an all out war in his home entertainment cabinet. Looks like the PS3 is a hot piece of kit, just like the Xbox, but can withstand more than Microsoft’s console without showing a deadly red ring of death.

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