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The new GoSquared Tracker

Easier. Better. Faster. Stronger.

The new, more powerful GoSquared Tracker

We’re continually working to make the GoSquared Tracker more efficient, easier to use and more compact. Today marks the release of Version 5, with all-new documentation to allow you to make full use of our powerful features.

What’s changed?

We’ve updated the GoSquared Tracking Code to allow you to use the new features of the tracker. Here are a couple of notable changes we’ve made:


The GoSquared Tracking Code (installed on your website) is 40% smaller, helping to reduce your bandwidth costs and improve page load times. It was tiny beforehand (just 501 characters) but we’ve managed to reduce it right down to 301 characters, making it smaller than most – if not all – other JavaScript based analytics services. We also have an even shorter version which is just 95 characters.


It now tracks as soon as it possible, rather than waiting for all other assets to finish loading. This means that very quick bounces from your site will be captured and large assets won’t reduce the accuracy of your tracking. We still have a version which waits for page load, if required.


Integrating with GoSquared is now much easier. There is a single function, named _gs which controls all interactions. Multiple tracking codes, tagging visitors, tracking events and many more functions now have a simpler syntax and are clearly documented.

Your new GoSquared Tracking Code

To use the new features and get the added benefits of the new GoSquared tracker, you’ll need to update your tracking code to the latest version.




We hope you like the changes we’ve made, if you have any feedback feel please free to get in touch via Twitter or Email.

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Lead developer at GoSquared for integrations, partnerships and the API. Works on pretty much everything.

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