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How to grow from zero to 3,000 conference attendees in 3 years

Episode 9 of the GoSquared Podcast with Alex Theuma of SaaStock

Alex Theuma of SaaStock on the GoSquared Podcast

In this episode we’re joined by Alex Theuma of SaaStock. Alex shares his experience growing the SaaStock conference from an idea to a hugely successful event gathering thousands of smart people in one place.

SaaStock is an annual conference in Dublin that brings together everyone involved in the SaaS ecosystem from around the world.

We talk to Alex about how he got started building a community for SaaS founders, and how things evolved into the huge success that is SaaStock today.

Alex shares a ton of his experience in the show, including:

  • How to make events personal – even when there are thousands of attendees.
  • How to sell huge sponsorship deals to fund your events.
  • His tips and tricks for building repeatable revenue in a project-based business.
  • His advice for other first-time founders out there.

We hope you enjoy the show!

P.S. You can follow Alex on Twitter, and learn more about SaaStock.

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