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Social Analytics – GoSquared Gets Social


GoSquared enables you to understand how Twitter is impacting your site in real-time. Real-time social analytics made easy.

We have just introduced our latest social analytics tool and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

The Dashboard now includes a Twitter Widget which gives you all the social analytics data you need to monitor and react to what’s happening across the social media sphere in connection with your company. The new Twitter Stream widget is a great way to keep up to date with what’s happening with your brand on Twitter. With a custom keyword search the Twitter widget will show all tweets containing that keyword including those all important retweets.

 We’ve also fundamentally updated the Sources widget in Dashboard to help you really understand your social analytics.  Now instead of just showing Twitter as a source we’ll show the number of all visitors who came through a specific tweet and are currently online on your site. In addition to that GoSquared also shows the retweets that tweet has had.

Altogether you are now able to monitor your social analytics easier and clearer than ever and get a great overview over what is said about your company.

Real-time social traffic sources - on GoSquared

Importance of Social Analytics

Social networks are of great importance to companies.
When filtering the right information and reacting appropriately to comments and complaints, social networks are a blessing. Activity on Facebook, Twitter and others keeps you company in everybody’s minds, is a great way to quickly react on support requests, and is crucial for a modern and innovative company profile!

Using your social analytics to understand where from the  social networks people on your site are coming from gives you amazing new opportunities. You are able to overview conversations of public interest going on about your company and you can follow the success of blog posts and tweets which is an indicator for things you could improve on the marketing side.

GoSquared’s aim is to make it easier than ever to consume and understand this constantly ongoing flow of conversation and enable you to react to information extracted from your social analytics. The Twitter Stream widget in Dashboard allows for real-time monitoring of the conversation right alongside real-time measurement of traffic from all over the web and Twitter itself.

We’re also working towards similar functionality with other social networks like Facebook to broaden your understanding of the social sphere and conversation around your online presence.

Works everywhere

As with everything in GoSquared, the latest improvement to Dashboard works on all devices, so even if you’re out on the road you can still use your iPhone to see everything you need to know about your social analytics, whether that be traffic or social interactions in real-time.

Let us know your thoughts

We hope you’ll love the latest improvements to GoSquared, and we have a lot more in the labs that we just can’t wait to roll out to you. What would you like to see improve and expand our social media tools?

Let us know your thoughts on Twitter – we’re @GoSquared, or via email.


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