Stainless Browser – Googleless Chrome for the Mac

Like the look of Google Chrome, but waiting for its release on OS X? Wish you had something similar to meet your multi-tab-tasking needs? Meet Stainless, the (very early) development version of the same concept. Stainless breaks each tab into an individual process just like Chrome to ensure when one goes wrong, it doesn’t screw up the whole browser.

It’s still early days – there’s no bookmarking, history, or download management, but this WebKit based browser has a lot of potential. It also looks pretty good, with minimalism on a par with Chrome itself.

Stainless is for Leopard only (sorry Tiger users, time to upgrade!), and is very (VERY!) early beta. Try it out at your own risk.

Regardless, this is a fantastic start, and I look forward to seeing it develop. If a small group of developers can get this together in a matter of weeks, why can’t Google get something out the door shortly?