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Today’s Apple Announcements



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New version of iTunes. Ringtones on iTunes.

iTunes Ringtones

Astonishingly predictable, Apple are going to be selling ring-tones for the iPhone. Well, not selling, more charging you AGAIN for converting your previously purchased music into ring-tones. Hmmm. It’s going to be $0.99 per song, so I guess 79p in the UK when we eventually get our iPhone. I wonder if they will announce the date for the UK release of iPhone later…

New iPod Shuffles


Simply a colour refresh, and a (RED) shuffle to boot. All 1 GB, and $79.

New iPod Nanos


As the rumours predicted, we have a lovely new iPod nano. Packed with that leaked new UI, CoverFlow [is it really needed?], video, and games. Basically the old big iPod, packed into the size of a wide nano with less storage. Very nice.

Nanos in same/ similar colours as Shuffle, including (RED), and as with previous Nanos, black.

Nanos shipped, and available by the weekend.

iPod Classic

iPods all

Available in 80GB and 160GB, amazingly the 80GB will be thinner than the old iPod 30GB.

iPod Classic is like an old video iPod, with the same finish as the new nanos. Not much to say, available in black and silver.

And yet another rumour is true- The iPod Touch

Apple iPod Touch

Looks very very VERY similar to iPhone. [My thoughts, living in UK – how many people are gonna buy this INSTEAD of an iPhone if it comes out before?]

Very similar to iPhone- has home screen etc. Slide to unlock. Uses same multi touch technology as iPhone.

Oh wow, it has wifi. Has Safari browser, and can view YouTube vids. Man, this IS AN IPHONE. It’s got everything other than the phone, this is putting me partly off getting an iPhone, depending on price difference.

Ok, pricing: available in 8GB and 16GB, for $299 and $399 respectively.

One More Thing…

Itunes Wifi Music Store

iTunes WiFi Store

Pretty neat little app for the iPod Touch which lets you browse, preview, and purchase songs from the iTunes (Music) Store. So does this work with videos aswell? Anyone know?

Other stuff: Starbucks deal with Apple – sell more coffee, sell more songs.

To round the show off – KT Tunstall live performance. To quote Steve: “She’s very talented and she’s very hot”. Not cool Steve, not cool.

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