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WWDC Coverage from GoSquared


GoSquared Coverage of WWDC 08

Being in London, this year we haven’t been lucky enough to attend the Apple World Wide Developer Conference at Moscone West in San Francisco. We’ll be following Twitter along with the rest of the world’s Apple fans, but just in case Twitter goes down (not that that’s ever happened before… oh wait) we’ll be keeping you posted on developments throughout the day.

Follow WWDC in style, updated every 30 seconds: http://wwdc.twistori.com/#apple


Apple homepage and iPhone pages updated.

Apple Store already back online

iPhone 3G Specs from Apple Store

iPhone 3G Specs from online Apple Store:

Same camera 2MegaPixels – ouch.
Same screen.
GPS – wooooo.
3G – wooooo.
Price – woooooo from $199 for 8GB.

Last app demo – a new game from Digital Legends, PSP worthy graphics. Coming to App Store in Spetember.

Apple’s shares are *temporarily* down $5 since beginning of the keynote. I expect them to rise considerably over the next 20 mins when Steve starts talking HARDware.

Showing a Baseball app, and moving on to a Medical app. APp demos are going on a bit too long now… Come on Steve, move on to the iPhone 3G!

Band: From a UK developer (wooo). Cool music app with multi touch piano – take that Windows 7! Played some of “Imagine” by John Lennon – applause.

2 Games from Pangea Software: Enigmo (Physics based game) and Cro-Mag Ralley (Racing game using iPhone accelerometer as the steering mechanism). Both games will be on the App Store at launch for $9.99 each.

Associated Press: Mobile News Network – gathers content from trusted sources and and shows news nearby using location API services. Also allows the reporting of news by the user.

TypePad: Mobile blogging app. Lets you upload photos and take them with iPhone’s camera. Also available at launch of App Store for free.

Loopt: A social network making use of location based information. Will be available at the launch of the App Store for free. Rumour was that Apple wanted to get devs charging for their apps – I guess this smashes that rumour.

eBay: Development of eBay App began 5 weeks ago – typical eBay bidding stuff.

Game: Sega Super Monkey Ball with over 100 levels, available on App Store for $9.99

Getting some devs on stage. Wonder how cool their apps will be to warrant a presence on currently the most watched stage in the world.

Scott hooked up the controls to the API and redisplayed it in the simulator showing off the functionality. The application was then loaded onto his iPhone. Within 10 minutes, he had created a fully functional, location-based application.

Scott showing a simple app using Address Book – shows you all your friends within a 10 mile radius. Also showing off how easy Interface Builder is.

Scott talking at length about how the SDK lets everyone use the same tools Apple uses internally to develop apps for the iPhone. Lots about core services, same kernel as Mac OS X.

Scott Forstall talking about SDK – already moved on from Enterprise features (set to be a packed keynote?)

Steve back on stage

Showed a video of Enterprise features of iPhone. Especially searching through contacts, filtering instantly as typed.

The enterprise world has participated in the beta program. 35% of Fortune 500 companies have participated

Talking about Enterprise features of iPhone 2.0

4,000 people have been in the beta program

3 parts to Apple now — Mac, Music (iPod, iTunes), iPhone

52,000 attendees at WWDC 08.

“We’ve been working real hard on some great stuff that we can’t wait to share with you.”

Steve taken to the stage

Seated Audience

Music still playing, crowd seated.

Apple employees are still working to settle the crowd down. Al Gore is reportedly in attendance.

Last Minute Rumours

Not many last minute rumours this time, but there are minor mentions here and there of rotating cinema displays. About time we got some new displays Apple.

We’re only minutes away

People are taking their seats in the auditorium. Woooo

Just 10 Minutes to go!

Not much more to report, other than IT’S BUSY.

Up the escalator

WWDC Escalator filled with Devs

Not long now

Twitter is still online, so that’s something.

On a side note, we just disabled WP-Cache so updates will be faster. Might have had some slow updating issues otherwise.

It’s Busy

Busy at WWDC

Less than 40 Minutes to go

Covered banners are abundant

Around 50 Minutes to go

Line has started moving.

iPhone 3G Mockup – Worthy of placement here

iPhone 3G Mockup

Twitter Troubles?


Let’s see what Develops Banner

Lets see what develops

iPhone Dev Center is down


Apple Stores worldwide are down

Apple Store Back Soon


Apple iPhone WWDC T Shirt (supposedly for Apple staff)

iPhone T Shirt

10:00am, June 9th, Moscone West.

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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