Customer Engagement for Software Teams

Engage with your customers at every stage of their journey.

Deliver highly targeted and personalised messaging in the moments that matter most.

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Find your most successful customers.

Segment your users to create targeted, more successful messaging and higher conversion rates.

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Real people - users of your product

Target your marketing.

Use a mixture of behavioural and automatically-enriched lead data to funnel your users into campaigns designed specifically for them.

Start growing faster, today.

Understand and convert more users.

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“You set up the code, once it's set up it's almost like a no code way to chop up all your data and insights. We're using it that way to see who the most successful people are in the platform, look at all the properties and see what makes them successful.”
– Daniel Doughty, Founder, Dripshipper

Take action from your insights.

Chop up and make use of your customer data and insights to strengthen your campaigns and retention and build repeatable, automated, growth. No code. No clunky databases.

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    Segment your users with our GoSquared's no code filters.

    Anyone on your team can build powerful customer segments. No reports. No SQL. No more waiting!

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    Automate real-time personalisation at scale.

    Build targeted automated campaigns personalised with up to the second user data.

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    Keep your most important customers engaged and subscribed.

    The only platform focused on helping you send less, more focused communication so you can significantly reduce unsubscribes.

Focused features to enable you to better engage with your customers to grow your business, faster.

From your first engagement to your most recent, GoSquared's Customer Engagement Platform gives you the curated features you need to the deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time - every time.


    Intelligent Lead Capture Forms

    Start every customer journey with enriched contact data. No irrelevant messages or emails from day one.


    Customer Data Hub

    Create better segments of your users with enriched demographic and behavioural data. Now you can be hyper targeted with your customer engagement, at scale.


    Broadcast Emails and Messages

    Take Broadcast announcements and offers out to only focused segments of your contacts, so those that care the most will see it and stay engaged.

  • Event triggered, Automated Emails and Messages

    Deliver messages and emails to your contacts, in real-time when it matters the most.


    Automated Email and Message Campaigns

    Take your contacts on a targeted journey that only continues while it remains relevant to them.


    1000 + Integrations

    Build the power and targeting of GoSquared's Customer Engagement Platform into all of your existing workflows.

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