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GoSquared Engage Lifecycle

Trusted by thousands of businesses.

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Understand and segment your audience.

Industry-leading user analytics, contact enrichment, and behavioural segmentation mean you can understand your customers better than ever.

Capture leads effortlessly with GoSquared Live Chat
Build campaigns in minutes with GoSquared Engage

Build personalised sequences in minutes.

Use our preconfigured workflows, Playbooks, to craft highly engaging, personalised messaging and sequences in minutes.

Integrate your data in the click of a button.

Use our Segment integration to connect your data source in the click of a button. If you prefer to be more hands on, you can also use one of our open source libraries.

Real-time reports on all your messaging and campaigns

Continuously improve with real-time feedback.

Real-time reporting means you can instantly see which messages are performing and how your engagement efforts are driving results.

Improving with every message you send.

GoSquared grows with you. We release updates daily to help you engage with your audience — like these most recent updates.

Customise Live Chat

Email + In-app Messaging

You're not limited to just email. Send perfectly timed, effective messages to your audience via on-site and in-app messages as well as perfectly designed emails.

GoSquared Sequences

Automated Sequences

Craft a series of messages for both in-app and email, set them live, and sit back knowing GoSquared will automatically send them at the perfect time to every recipient.

Live Translate

Don’t limit your growth to your own region or language. Automatic Live Translate enables you to engage at scale with any customer, anywhere without language getting in the way.

But wait, that's not all!

  • Capture Leads

    • Advanced Lead Forms
    • Page engagement Prompts
    • Lead Capture Prompts
    • Out-of-office Lead Capture
    • Email Capture Bot
    • Exit-intent Prompts
    • Call-to-Action Prompts
  • Onboard Users

    • Advanced Segmentation
    • In-app Messaging
    • Visitor → User Stitching
    • Contact Enrichment
    • Powerful Event Tracking
    • Behavioural Targetting
    • Easy Email Creator
  • Make Announcements

    • Effortless Segmentation
    • In-app Broadcasts
    • Email Broadcasts
    • HTML Email Support
    • UTM Campaign Tracking
    • Real-time Reporting
  • Retain Customers

    • Proactive Sequences
    • Smart Variables
    • Automatic Email Sending
    • Time-based Triggers
    • Real-time Notifications
    • Segment by Engagement
    • Extensive API

Here's what our customers have to say…

It's a no code way to chop up all your data and insights. We can now see who the most successful people are in the platform, look at their properties and see what makes them successful.

Daniel Doughty, Dripshipper

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Trusted by thousands of businesses.

GoSquared customer logos - first half GoSquared customer logos - second half

We saw 15% of our partners return to complete their profiles via just a single Sequence flow. We'd definitely recommend GoSquared — businesses can rapidly and affordably implement ultra-personalised support for thousands of customers.

Hector Kolonas, Included.co

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