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10 Reasons Why I Love my Vaio


Step Aside Mac Designers!

The recent advertising techniques by apple with the whole: I’m a Mac, I’m a PC thing have sparked alot of controversy and fuelled the already heated argument between Mac & PC users. I, however am pleased to say that I am neither. I am a Vaio. Below are a few reasons why:

1) The Design – Vaio’s look incredible, incredible enough to rival any Mac, and whats more – You are spoilt for choice. There are so many different models all with different designs rather than having the to choose either a MacBook or a MacBook Pro.

2) Club Vaio – It really seems like Sony actually care about you, the consumer. From freebies like: wallpapers and software to extensive support pages which actually help you (yes Dell!) and pages helping you make the most of your Vaio.

3) Blue-Ray – What I believe to be the definate future and replacement of DVD. Be one step ahead. I sincerely doubt that Sony are going to let any other manufactures use their Blue-Ray technology on notebooks for quite a while.

4) The Screen – Whereas most LCD displays use just one lamp to illuminate the screen, the X-Black display used on most vaios uses a dual-lamp system that produces a brighter, more consistent display by distributing light evenly across the entire screen. Meanwhile a special, multilayer anti-reflection coating on the screen’s surface reduces glare and unwanted reflections, both of which reduce eye fatigue, meaning that it’s comfortable to work for longer. This link will enlighten you further

5) The Distance – It is very nice to feel that you can distance yourself even very slightly from the whole PC – Mac argument. Even though strictly speaking Vaios are PCs. It’s kind of the difference between music on tape or on CD. The songs on either may be the same, but the presentation and functionality of the CD greatly outclasses the tape, not to mention the quality.

Cool Mouse
6) The Accessories – Vaios come with all sorts of insane accessories to obtain the full vaio package.

7) Materials – Every component that goes into a Vaio, from the cooling system and motherboard to the touchpad or display, has been developed from materials that will guarantee the longest life or highest performance.
Even the casing is designed to protect the computer and avoid damage from contact with your watch while you type, or scratches from your keys if you were to accidentally put them in the same bag as your computer.

8.) Operating Noise – It’s a life of peace, for my neighbours too. I haven’t had to scream or shout once whilst I have had this Vaio, don’t get me started on my old Dell.

9) Innovative features – Luminance sensors, which detect light and adjust the backlight brightness accordingly; to fingerprint recogniton: these really are some incredible ideas:

10) You don’t have to join the dark [ok, the very shiney and white] side if you want something that is smart, stylish and practical.

Some images to demonstrate my point:

So now the question is: Vaio, Mac or PC?

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