15 Steps to Superior Customer Support

GoSquared's 15 Steps to Superior Support

Good customer support is vital for any product or service. With over 17,000 sites signed up to GoSquared (and a very small team) we pride ourselves on the high level of quality and response time our customers get when they submit a support request.

In the past we’ve created help sheets for all kinds of things; CSS3, Node.JS, VI, WordPress and many more. Today we’re introducing our help sheet for Superior Support.

Saul Cullen, GoSquared employee Number 1, has been heading up customer support for the past year. In a recent internal hack hour he put together a guide to help the team be truly awesome when speaking to customers who have a support issue. We were so impressed, we decided to make the guide look pretty and release it as part of our help sheet series.

We hope that you find this guide useful and that it helps to make your customer support superior.

Download GoSquared’s 15 Steps to Superior Support Help Sheet!

GoSquared's 15 Steps to Superior Support Help Sheet