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A Better Way to Organise iPhone Apps in iTunes


Continuing from yesterday’s post on Managing multiple photos on the iPhone, here’s a suggestion of how much better app sorting and selection could be via iTunes.

We didn’t come up with this concept, but it’s impressive to see what could be done. Recent findings (after asking around on Twitter) showed the majority of people seem to download their apps directly to their iPhone (rather than download to iTunes and then sync) but this way of sorting could encourage people to plug in their iPhones a little more often.

The current method of organising and syncing apps with your iPhone in iTunes is not good enough right now. Apple, in a way, had to guess the way millions of people would download, organise, use, and delete apps on their iPhones an iPod Touches, and they did a pretty good job given how well things work right now. However, organising apps in iTunes has always been one of those areas that has seemed like an after thought.

Perhaps Apple have more in store? I have a feeling the Home Screen might change more than we expect in OS 3.0. Will we see a more effective way of organising our growing numbers of applications? It’s been a long time since a major iPhone OS update, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Apple haven’t been sitting around waiting for the competition to catch up.

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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