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Google Talk Web App for iPhone


iPhone App Reviews by GoSquared Liquidicity

Our first iPhone App Review is actually a web app, designed to run in Safari on the iPhone. Google Talk for the iPhone is something that everyone should have saved to their home screen, for those frequent occasions when ‘MobileChat’ fails to function correctly.

Delivered in a very simple, clean, quick to load interface, Google Talk allows you to send and receive instant messages in chat sessions with your contacts just like within Google Talk on the desktop. Moving between multiple open chats is very easy and status updates and contact searching have also been brought onto the iPhone for a very full featured web app.

We use it whenever we’re out on the train or at an airport and need to get in touch with the team. Google may have been better off making this into a native app to speed up loading times, and to take advantage of the opportunities provided by Multi Touch. It is almost certain that a native Google Chat app will be released soon, but perhaps they are waiting for their own Android platform to show what they can do before releasing on the iPhone.

Chatting with the iPhone dictionary isn’t too much of a nightmare: If you press the send button on the app (as opposed to return), then the dictionary doesn’t automatically correct your ‘Yo!’ into ‘To!’

To use Google Talk on your iPhone, just visit www.google.com/talk

We hope you enjoyed the post, and we’re intending to bring more helpful reviews and posts soon.

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