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Apple Need To Clean Up Their Act


copyright Greenpeace

Greenpeace International have placed Apple, the company behind the iPod, last in its rankings of major electronics makers for their environmental friendliness, whilst Chinese manufacturer Lenovo have jumped to the top of the list replacing Nokia.

An Apple spokeswoman said the company rejects Greenpeace’s ranking system and that its products are among the “greenest” on the market, pointing to more technical ratings used by the Green Electronics Council.

Greenpeace spokeswoman Iza Kruszewska said that Apple failed to stop using several types of harmful chemicals in its manufacturing, and unlike many other companies has not set any timetable for phasing them out.

Greenpeace’s relationship with Apple is said to have deteriorated since they set up a spoof web site devoted to criticising Apple’s environmental policies. The ‘Green My Apple’ website can be found here.

“Steve Jobs has a lot to answer for”

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