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Making GoSquared better for you and your team

Four ways we’ve improved GoSquared for teams

GoSquared is better for teams – make your team happier today with GoSquared

GoSquared is used every day by tens of thousands of people for understanding their visitors, users and customers.

We’re pretty thrilled about that, but a lot of those people work in teams with others who can also benefit from GoSquared, but they don’t currently have access to the features they need.

So we felt it was time to introduce some improvements to the GoSquared experience that make it easier for you and your team members to benefit from the full power of GoSquared, and cut out some complexity.

Here’s four of the improvements we’re releasing to bring your team together around the data and insights available in GoSquared.

Everyone on the team can add new integrations in Services

GoSquared Site Settings – Services for your team

GoSquared is becoming dramatically more powerful through integrating with more third party services.

Here’s just a few examples of what you can do by connecting GoSquared to your other tools:

  • You can now send highly personalised and targeted emails based on your GoSquared data by connecting your MailChimp account.
  • You can find the customers who are occupying most of your support team’s time by connecting your Zendesk account.
  • You can alert your team in Slack whenever users sign up or try a specific feature by connecting your Slack account.

Until now, the only person on the team who could add, edit or remove Services was the GoSquared site owner. Now, everyone on your team can access Services and make the changes they need to make.

Everyone on the team can now set up and edit Notifications

GoSquared Notifications – now for your whole team

Similarly to Services, until now, the only person who get set up Notifications was the website owner.

GoSquared Notifications are far more powerful than they sound – here’s a few things you can do with them:

  • Send an email summary to the marketing team whenever you get a traffic spike with a snapshot of what content is currently popular and what your top traffic sources are.
  • Send an email to the dev team when you have a traffic dip to alert them to a potential issue with your public facing website.
  • Post a message to Slack when a customer decides to upgrade – giving the team something to celebrate.

GoSquared Notifications are now available to everyone who is shared on a site, so everyone on the team can easily opt in or out of getting alerts on the things they care about.

Send invoices to another email address

GoSquared Invoices and Billing Settings

One of our top requested account features – you can now send your invoices for GoSquared to another email address (or multiple email addresses if you’re feeling adventurous).

This is really handy if you have a CFO or an accountant that likes to have all the paperwork to hand for tax and accounting reasons.

Previously, invoices could only be sent to the account owner, which made things tricky if the person managing analytics and customer data was not the person who looked after the finances. So we’re pretty pleased to get this out and make finance people a little happier.

A beautiful new look to Site Settings

The new look GoSquared Site Settings

Most people think we’re crazy for spending time on something minor like a setting screen or an edit modal, but we strongly believe that every part of GoSquared deserves our love and care.

Hopefully you don’t need to use our settings screens too often – we try to take away as much of the effort as possible so you can get on with doing your job. But when you do end up needing to change a Notification, or adding a team member, or setting up a new Service, we’re confident you’re going to love the experience just as much as you love using the rest of GoSquared.

That’s all for now, folks

The GoSquared team ice skating

We hope you like these updates to GoSquared – we’re keen to make using GoSquared within your team easier and easier.

If you have suggestions for further improvements we can make, please let us know – we listen and we promise to take the feedback on board.

From our team to yours – we hope you enjoy the latest and greatest in GoSquared.

Written by
James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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