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Daily Reports – now sending at the right time for you


When we first built Daily Reports, we sent out every report between 7am and 8am UTC, using Midnight as 12am UTC for all of the stats. This was mainly to bring Daily Reports out to our customers as quickly as possible.

After we saw how many people love their Daily Reports and a few of you told us via Twitter and email that you’d really like them to be delivered in your local timezone with properly offset data, we’ve now improved the reports to do so.

If you have multiple sites across different timezones, you’ll get a separate Daily Report for each timezone offset. This ensures the data is always consistent and 12am is the same time across all the sites in your report.

You may notice the reports now have a label stating what timezone it’s for, which should help clarify things some more.


Would you like to see any other improvements to your Daily Reports? Let us know via Twitter, email us or comment below!

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