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Don’t stop, Beta time!


It’s busy busy busy here as we gear up for the new year! 2009 should prove to be an eventful year for GoSquared and the Sites on the GSN as we roll out the new features we have spent the best part of 2008 preparing for all you wonderful folk; most notably a newly reworked and restructured Control Panel to coincide with the release of a beefed up advertising system. We’re really excited and we know you’ll like what’s coming.

If you’re particularly curious to take a peek at what we’ve been working on, we are running a Private Beta of the new features for registered members. Apply for access to the Private Beta to test out the new features. We’re currently looking for more beta testers so it’s likely that you’ll be invited to join the beta. Not a registered member? Sign up and then you will be!

Want to keep track of what the GoSquared team is up to? Follow us on Twitter:

James – http://twitter.com/gosquared
Geoff – http://twitter.com/TheDeveloper
Caspar – http://twitter.com/MediaD00d
And JT needs to get Twitter!

Or you can chat to us directly on GoSquared Discussions

Here’s to a fruitful, prosperous and happy New Year!

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