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GoSquared Egg Hunt 2019

Join us for a virtual Easter egg Hunt and win some prizes!

GoSquared Easter Egg Hunt 2019

After realising that it would be a little difficult for us to send you all on a traditional chocolate filled Easter egg hunt, we designed a virtual one instead.

So, if you’re vegan, or if you just love prizes, keep reading to find out how to win.

What’s up for grabs

10,000 datapoints

If you’re a member of our free tier you can grab an additional 10,000 datapoints on your plan.

50% off your next month

If you’re on a GoSquared paid plan, your next month could be 50% cheaper by finding the code.

How to play

We’ve hidden a bunch of Easter eggs on our site and throughout the product. None of these Easter eggs are in the paid part of the product so everyone can play. When you find the egg it, follow the link and it will lead you somewhere.

This mysterious land of prizes will keep a record of what you’ve found so far and be your winning ticket once you’ve collected all 16.

The easter eggs look like this

Getting ready for the hunt

  • You’ll need a GoSquared account to find some of the Easter eggs, but we haven’t hidden any in places where you’d need a paid account.
  • You need to find all 16 eggs to win.
  • The eggs will be tracked for you, so no need to write them all down – but you are more than welcome to if you prefer!
  • You can only claim your prize once per GoSquared account.

The eggs are all live right now – the game is on. May the odds be ever in your favour.

Go hunting!

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Beth is our Head of Growth. She likes to write about customer behaviour, creative strategy, and, well, growth.

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