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Ecommerce Analytics API now available

The GoSquared API gets even better

GoSquared Ecommerce Analytics API – take your store to the next level

We’re pleased to announce that v1 of our Ecommerce Analytics API is now publicly available! Check out the API docs now.

Using the Ecommerce Analytics API, you can retrieve revenue, order quantity and transaction metrics as time series, as well as broken down by product, category, transaction, traffic source and many other dimensions. And as always, the information for the current period updates in real-time.

What can I build with the Ecommerce Analytics API?

Our very own Ecommerce Analytics Dashboard, pictured above, is built using this API. Take a look at our live demo of this dashboard for inspiration.

You can quickly and easily pull down your Ecommerce analytics data in a convenient JSON or CSV format. Your app can then use this as you please, be it for reporting, dashboard-ing, custom date selection, or integrating with other aspects of your own system.

Display top selling products

For example, you could build a widget that shows the top selling products in your store, updating in real time as business flows in during the day. You would simply use the product dimension for this.

Set up Ecommerce Analytics

Take a look at our guide for a walkthrough on how to get Ecommerce Analytics tracking set up with your shop.

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