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Google’s new interface


Google’s changing.

So, I did a Google search, and what greets me is a glimpse of Google’s new interface. (or, if its not going to be the new interface, a test prototype of it).

I know Google’s been parading a whole load of new stuff this week, but were they supposed to be letting any of it out in the wild yet? Perhaps they are randomly setting aside a number of searches to assign the new interface for, and seeing how people like it.

Pics below (click on the thumbnails to view fullsize):
Gmail’s new interface

They’ve also added a dropdown. I know that will save a whole load of time.

Gmail’s new interface with dropdown

This I gather was a test of the new interface. In my opinion, it looks good. Its nice to see they’re keeping the simple and clean interface that helps make Google what it is: an essential tool that anyone can use.

Cheers, just thought I would share my discovery!


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