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GoSquared Developer API & some cool projects


GoSquared Developer API

It’s widely known that GoSquared is perhaps the best way to get live web analytics, but our powerful and feature packed API is little known about. There are some great services and apps that integrate with GoSquared and make full use of our API; some of which you may have heard of, others you may not have.

Over the next few months we’re looking to create more awareness about our developer API. We want to see the awesome things that can be created with our tools and services. To get you started and inspired here are just a few examples of what people are currently doing with GoSquared.

The HumbleBundle Mojam

The HumbleBundle Mojam

The HumbleBundle Mojam was a live promotional event that took place on Friday 17th Feb, where a bunch of developers got together to create a new cross-platform DRM free game.

The event / coding session was streamed live across the web and GoSquared provided the instantly updating “live viewers” count.


Geckoboard and GoSquared

Geckoboard is a lightweight dashboard that allows you to bring together all of the various services you use on a daily basis into one place.

The GoSquared widget in Geckboard shows how many people are on your site right now with an easy to read gauge, comparing the current figure to the 7-day min and max. Small, but effective.

Christian Vision

Christian Vision

Christian Vision is a UK-based international charity founded by Lord Edmiston in 1988. Their vision is to spread the Christian gospel using new media and web technologies.

The GoSquared API is used by Christian Vision to publicly show who’s on their network of sites and where they are in the world, using a rather cool map and live stats integration.

Go Extend

We’re always looking for new apps, services and tools created with our API. If you’ve created something please point us to it, we’d be more than happy to share it with the world!

If you’d like to create a GoSquared powered app, check out our API documentation at: http://www.gosquared.com/developer/wiki/ – Naturally we’re on hand to answer any support queries you may have and are always open to suggestions on what to include!

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