I Love Typography

I Love Typography

There’s a site I’ve been following for a while that has been a great inspiration for some of the changes we’ve been making to GoSquared. Over the last few months we’ve paid a lot more attention to the design of Liquidicity (this blog), and more specifically, we’ve been looking into how to improve typography around the site.

I Love Typography is a really useful, inspiring site run by a guy named Johno all about typography. Covering the latest free fonts, type news, tuition on typographic terms, and a bit of humour to lighten things up, I Love Typography is a useful resource for anyone with an interest in making letters and words look as awesome as they can.

I’ve decided to write a little about the site because a) it’s been a great source of inspiration to me, and b) it recently had a redesign that some of you may not have seen. The old site used to look great, but the improved design is much cleaner and easier to navigate – usability is paramount.

Some stuff from the I Love Typography Archives that rocks

Just a few examples of the kind of stuff that gets featured on I Love Typography include a limited edition Helvetica Moleskine (up for grabs!), tuition on vertical metrics, and a lovely leather ‘type bag‘ for the other half.

Of note, every week you can be sure to be updated on the latest, best, and weirdest examples of type in the world in Johno’s “The week in Type” set of posts. A huge amount of work goes into these hugely informative, inspiring posts that can only be produced by a true type fanatic. What would we do without him?

All in all, if you’re ever stuck for typographic inspiration, you know where to look!

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  • Thanks for sharing so enthusiastically. Pleased you’re enjoying it.

  • No worries Johno, it’s such an inspiring site, we had to give you some credit for it. Keep up the awesome work!