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Introducing People Analytics

Powerful user-level analytics software for businesses of all sizes.

GoSquared People Analytics - all the info on your users in one place

We’re thrilled to introduce People Analytics – an entirely new product for understanding the behaviour and actions of your visitors, users and customers.

Your visitors. Your users. Your customers. Every action. Every pageview. Every attribute. All together in one place. Available to query and search instantly. That’s People Analytics.

All your user-level information in one place

Screenshot introducing People Analytics from GoSquared

No matter the size of your team, most teams juggle a handful of tools and services to get the full picture on each user or customer.

Whether it’s your billing system, your support system, an internal admin interface or a MySQL database – all of these tools offer only a fraction of the picture you need. Information lives in silos across these tools; they become hard to integrate and often tricky to maintain. Every new team member needs to learn every tool to get even simple information to start understanding users. It has to be easier than this.

What we believe

  • We believe teams of all sizes need to understand their users and customers better to provide a better service for them.
  • We believe there should be one, definitive place to understand who each individual user is.
  • We believe everyone on the team should have access to user-level data. No one should have to wait on a developer or a data scientist to get answers to simple questions.
  • We believe that in the future, the way teams interact with their users and customers will be more personal and meaningful. We believe GoSquared can help teams achieve that.

One profile to rule them all

Screenshot introducing People Analytics profile view

People Analytics gives you one profile for everything you need to know about each of your users and customers.

The profile contains everything from the name and email address of a user, to their properties (such as lifetime value) to actions and events they have triggered over time, through to their social profiles so you can reach out personally.

Instantly search your entire user base

Search is at the heart of People Analytics. Search for any user or customer in an instant. You can search across your entire userbase – whether you have 100 or 100,000 users.

Game-changing context

People Analytics provides the context to understand who your users are from the moment they sign up. Social profiles, bios and influence ranking highlight the real people behind your signup numbers. People Analytics helps you uncover useful information that has previously been impossible to put in one place.

New integrations and new documentation

You can take full advantage of the power in People Analytics from day one. Now available are new server-side integrations in Node.js and PHP, a dramatically more powerful Segment integration, a whole new suite of tracking APIs and a beautiful new documentation site to make integrating with GoSquared easier than ever.

From LiveStats to People

Evolution of GoSquared real-time analytics from LiveStats to People Analytics

People Analytics is at the cutting edge of new technology and interface design. Relentless development, effort and attention from the team has made the first version of People Analytics an intuitive, reliable and beautiful product.

But we can’t help but look back and highlight how things have come full circle, from the humble days of 2009 when we introduced our first foray into analytics with LiveStats.

LiveStats introduced real-time web analytics to thousands of teams for the first time. It was very easy to get to grips with – just a simple list of the visitors currently on your website and all in real-time. As visitors arrived, they showed up. As visitors left your site, they disappeared.

LiveStats never stored historical visitor information. And ever since 2009 our number one feature request, above all else, has been: “how do I see a visitor’s history?”

Introducing People Analytics

We don’t build features on demand just because people ask for them. We start with problems and we work back from there. It’s taken years to figure out answers to the problems we’re solving with People Analytics.

We’re excited to see what you do with People Analytics. What excites us the most is this is a new technology, a new platform and it’s just getting started.

9 today

GoSquared celebrates its 9th birthday

Those of you who have followed GoSquared for a while will know that today is our 9th birthday. A team of designers, engineers and business folk with an average age of 23 are celebrating nine years in business today.

I want to take a moment to say thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way so far – parents, friends, investors, past colleagues, our current (incredible) team and our loyal and awesome customers who keep trusting us to do good work. You’re the reason we get up in the morning and do what we do.



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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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