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Introducing Smart Group Triggers

Instant notifications about the activity of your users

Smart Group Triggers

Today, we’re excited to be launching Smart Group Triggers: a powerful new way to get notified about important user activity in real-time.

A Smart Group Trigger notifies your team as soon as users enter or exit your Smart Groups, by posting a message to your Slack channel, or sending you an email. This allows you to reach out and help users as soon as they need it, to make sure they get the best possible experience.

Building on the power of Smart Groups

With Smart Groups, GoSquared already makes it possible for anyone on the team, technical and non-technical, to effortlessly query user data and activity across all your tools and platforms. Now with Smart Group Triggers, you’re told exactly when you should get in touch with users as they move in and out of your Smart Groups.

To get an idea of how you can put this into action, let’s take a look at the two types of Smart Group Trigger we’re launching today: “Enter” and “Exit”.

“Enter” trigger

The Enter Trigger fires as soon as a user enters a Smart Group. That is, a change in the user’s data means that they start matching that Smart Group’s filters and is now a member of the group. This could be due to a property change, an action they performed, or simply the passage of time. It all depends on the filters in your Smart Groups.

The Enter Trigger allows you to take action right away when a user matches your Smart Group. For example, if you have an “Activated Feature X” Smart Group, you might wish to follow up and ensure users are set up and getting the most out of a new feature they started using. Or you might have a “High Churn Risk” Smart Group, so that when a paying user hasn’t signed into their account for a few days, you’ll be notified so you can reach out and win them back before they cancel their account.

“Exit” Trigger

As you’ve probably guessed, the Exit Trigger works in the same way as the Enter Trigger except it fires when a user exits the Smart Group (stops matching its filters).

For example, you might have an “Active Users” Smart Group which contains users who have signed into their account and used your app in the last 3 days. As soon as someone stops doing that, they stop being “active” and you get notified so you can waste no time in finding out why.

Updated Slack Integration

We’ve added support for Smart Group Triggers to our official Slack integration. Once set up, GoSquared will post a message to your Slack channel when Smart Group Triggers fire. This makes it easy to keep your whole team in the loop on important user activity.

Set up Triggers for Slack →

Or, read the setup guide

Announcing Webhooks Beta

While Slack notifications are great for prompting manual action, there’s also huge opportunity in using Smart Group Triggers for automation. So we have another delivery method on offer: Webhooks, which is entering public beta today.

Webhooks allow you to automate actions and workflows using your own code and custom logic. This saves a ton of time when repeatable processes are involved, such as adding a user to a drip campaign, sending a transactional email, or adding them to a mailing list when they enter or exit Smart Groups.

Set up Webhooks today

Take Webhooks for a test drive and let us know what you think!

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