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James Gill on Bloomberg

GoSquared CEO talks to Bloomberg about data and web trends

James Gill, CEO of GoSquared, popped into Bloomberg TV this morning to appear on The Pulse. In case you missed it, you can find clips of his appearance with hosts Francine Lacqua and Guy Johnsons below. 

In this first clip, James discusses what GoSquared does and how real time data makes web services better. 

 GoSquared crunches big data so you don’t have to

James Gill live on Bloomberg (thumbnail)

Bringing as much data together as possible to build a really good understanding of a business, of their customers and ultimately trying to help people understand the actions they can take is really the goal of what we’re trying to do.

-James Gill

In the second segment, James was joined by Eileen Burbridge, Partner at Passion Capital and investor in GoSquared, to discuss why retailers and ecommerce stores need action-orientated analytics and why Passion Capital first invested in the startup.

 Scratching the surface on big data

James Gill Bloomberg interview part 2

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Andrew leads marketing at GoSquared.

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