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Elite by Design - Interviews with the designers you love this March

We don’t often write about other sites, but this month on Elite by Design, there’s a series of interviews that are simply too good to miss. So to ensure you check them out – we thought we’d dedicate a post to them.

There’s a massive collection of interviews from some of the greatest, more influential designers in our industry right now including:

Elliot Jay Stocks
Adelle Charles
Jonathan Snook
Jon Hicks
Fabio Sasso

and over 50 more awesome designers.

Some of my favourites so far are the interview with Fabio for his advice on how to establish yourself as a designer, David Appleyard for letting us in on how he manages so many sites at once, and Jacob Gube for talking about his experience writing a book on Moo Tools while also managing the Six Revisions blog.

I don’t think enough people realise how much effort has been put into organising so many interviews with so many inspiring members of the design community. It’s like getting the top 50 music acts in the chart right now to perform live on your own radio station. Go visit Elite by Design and read a couple of these wonderful interviews – learn from their success stories and their mistakes and take all the free advice they’re willing to share.

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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