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LiveStats 2.1


Introducing LiveStats 2.1 with Map View Interaction, Refined UI, and Support Documentation

We launched LiveStats 2 on February 3rd and so far the response has been fantastic. We’re thrilled with your feedback and you’ll be pleased to know we’re continuing to dramatically develop LiveStats with its new stronger foundations.

With LiveStats 2.1 we’ve refined some of the new interface features that were introduced in version 2 such as linking to Map View from a row in List View. Also, you can now double click any row to expand it – no need to click on the arrow at the left if that was bugging you before!

New and Improved Map View

What we’re most proud of in 2.1, though, is the dramatically improved Map View. Before, Map View was quite simple – we showed a world map at whatever size your browser window happened to be. Now you can zoom in and out, and pan around just like you’d expect from a decent mapping application. You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to pan, or click and drag. Zooming can be controlled by the lovely slider in the top left of the screen, by scrolling with your mouse, by double clicking on any location, or with the “-” and “+” keys – interact however you want!

As with anything new – there may still be a few bugs that we haven’t worked out yet. With the complexity of showing real-time visitors to your Site on an interactive map, there’ll likely be plenty for you to pick us up on. Just drop us a line and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Also new in Map View in 2.1 is the ability to toggle the daylight line. LiveStats is still the only real-time analytics app to show which of your visitors are browsing in the day or night via a beautiful map view.

Support Documentation

Finally! A Help Centre for LiveStats! We’ve been working on building up a few pages to help you get to grips with integrating LiveStats on your Site, and educating everyone on some of the hidden little features that make LiveStats better in every day use. We should have had these ready from day one, but there’s only so much that can be done in a day. Please feel free to have a good read, and ask us any questions you may still be having or to request an article on anything you’re struggling with.

LiveStats 2 introduced an array of new features:

Map View

At the tap of a button, switch between a condensed List View showing every visitor on your Site in tabular form, to expanded List View with more information and icons for each visitor’s referrer, to a beautiful, fully live Map View showing each visitor’s location to city-level accuracy.

Event Tracking

Building a web application? Using some nifty javascript in your company site? Just because it’s on the same page it doesn’t mean it can’t be tracked. Integrate LiveStats Custom Events with your site to see more than just pageviews.

Advanced Real-Time

Real-time traffic monitoring like you’ve never seen it before. LiveStats constantly checks to see whether a visitor still has a page open, knows exactly when they leave, and can even tell if they’ve opened several pages in different tabs or windows

Custom Name Integration

By default, every visitor to your Site has a unique ID. You can double click any unique ID to assign a name to that user. If you have a database of users for your Site or web app you can automatically show their username when they visit.

Key Strokes

The minimal interface of LiveStats belies it’s power. By using some of the keyboard shortcuts we’ve added to LiveStats 2, you’ll be able to zip around the interface with barely any need for a mouse whatsoever. Try hitting “M” for Map View, or expanding and collapsing List View with “X” and “C“. You’ll zip around when you know them all.

And a Load More

The new foundations of LiveStats 2 allow us to build some great new features in the future that would have been impossible on version 1. Using LiveStats with OS X is a pleasure – with full Fluid and Growl integration LiveStats feels like it’s a native app. LiveStats 2 can now be used as an integral addition to your arsenal for usability testing, as well as a comprehensive real-time component for traffic analysis.

Thanks for being awesome,

James Gill, Geoff Wagstaff, James Taylor
A.K.A. The GoSquared Team

Written by
James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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