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London Riots


Over the past few days, London has been under siege from multiple rioting mobs of hooligans and thugs. GoSquared (based in London) has been enabling a number of sites reporting on the situation to understand how events have been unfolding in real-time.

London Riots Map, based on Google Maps was created when the riots broke out to chart the London riots from a first person perspective by plotting tweets with the hashtag #londonriots that have an associated postcode. Cravify, a service for mapping events has also been used in a similar way.

We decided to put together a simple visualisation of how the events in London have unfolded – both in terms of web traffic that we monitored on GoSquared (we provide real-time web analytics after all – perfect for events like this), and from our first hand perspective being based in London.

London Riots - infographic with stats about how the London riots unfolded on Twitter, social media, and the rest of the web

Real-time monitoring proven useful again.

We reached out to Ben Fishman, soon after he created such a topical application. The challenge was on to map and analyse the audience and the interest in the app and the riots themselves. GoSquared’s real-time monitoring proved extremely useful in understanding how the worldwide audience were discovering and understanding the London riots as they were happening.

GoSquared is enablng the LondonRiotMap to get an in-depth and professional insight into a variety of information including:

  • Referrers to the site.
  • Search terms being used to reach the site.
  • Tweets related to the riots.
  • The locations of specific visitors and the time of day they were finding out about the riots.

GoSquared’s features have shown that in just the first evening there has been a huge international interest with over 26,000 web visitors from North America, Europe, East Asia and Australasia.

The GoSquared team has thankfully been largely unaffected by the riots in London and the rest of the UK this week. We wish the best of luck to everyone recovering from such a difficult week in the UK.

Please let us know if any stats or details are incorrect – we’ll do our best to fix them as soon as possible.

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James Gill, Geoff Wagstaff, James Taylor, Saul Cullen, Gerhard Lazu and Micky Blackburn (our new intern!)
A.K.A. The GoSquared Team

Written by
James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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