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The stories of Talking Circles, Grabyo, GoSquared, and tray.io at LDNSaaS

Watch the talks from our fifth SaaS event in London


Everybody loves pancakes. So much so that the UK even has a holiday to celebrate them – Pancake Day (this year happened to fall February 13th). Obviously we saw this as the perfect opportunity to host an event that combined the London software community’s love of SaaS (Software as a Service) with the their love of SaaS (Syrup as a Service 🥞).

As usual, we invited three guest speakers in to share their stories: Dimple Lalwani from Talking Circles, Mun Wai Kong from Grabyo, and Rich Waldron from tray.io.

This was also our first LDNSaaS event to feature a talk from the host, GoSquared’s CEO – James Gill. So please, sit back and enjoy all four pancake-fuelled talks from our biggest LDNSaaS event yet!

If you missed past events, you can see all the talks from our last 4 LDNSaaS events.

Dimple from Talking Circles talks about the importance of not over-complicating sales in SaaS

Dimple Lalwani, Co-founder and CEO of Talking Circles, discusses the importance of not over-complicating sales in SaaS, from key value triggers to pitfalls and mistakes in startup pricing.

Mun from Grabyo discusses how to avoid growing pains when expanding your team

Mun Wai Kong, CTO of at Grabyo, talks about the importance of skills vs culture vs personality when growing a startup team.

James from GoSquared talks about the importance of getting user onboarding right in your product

James Gill, CEO of GoSquared, shares the lessons learnt along the way from years of experimenting with product onboarding, including examples of companies who are doing it right.

Rich from tray.io joins James for a fireside chat

Rich Waldron, Co-founder and CEO of tray.io sits down with James to share his founder story. Discussing everything from product and engineering teams through to tough times and fundraising.

Q&A with all four speakers

As usual to round off the event, we held an audience Q&A with all the speakers.

Until next time!

Dimple, Mun, James, and Rich at LDNSaaS 5

Thanks again to our brilliant speakers and everyone who came along. If you couldn’t make it this time, check out the photos from the evening here.

See all the talks and keep an eye out for updates on the the next LDNSaaS event.

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