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The stories of Chaser, Finimize, and Pusher at LDNSaaS

Watch the talks from our fourth SaaS event in London


After a well-earned break over the summer, we knew it was time to gather the SaaS community of London together again for another LDNSaaS event. On Wednesday 27 September, we invited another stellar lineup of speakers from some of the most exciting companies from the London tech scene to share their lessons learnt from building a SaaS business with a fantastic audience.

If you missed past events, you can see all the talks from our last 3 LDNSaaS events.

David from Chaser talks about the biggest mistakes while building Chaser

David Tuck, Founder and CEO of Chaser shares the most notable oversights from his experience building the company, from not having clarity or direction in defining the target customer to premature scaling, as well as important lessons learnt that have kept them alive.

Anders from Finimize shares the most important rules of building a lovable product

Anders Kravis, Head of Product at Finimize, talks about the main three rules to follow from the very beginning to ensure you’re building a lovable product straight away for your early users.

Sylvain from Pusher talks about the power of building a great brand

Sylvain Giuliani, COO of Pusher, shares the importance and benefits of building a great brand and getting the developers audience on your side.

Q&A with all three speakers

As usual to round off the event, we held a Q&A with all three speakers, where the audience got a chance to ask questions. Watch the video to learn how the speakers dealing with competition in a crowded market, advice on selling to enterprise companies, and when and how often to experiment with pricing structures.

Until next time!

David, Anders, Sylvain, and James at LDNSaaS 4

Thanks again to our brilliant speakers and everyone who came along. If you couldn’t make it this time, check out the photos from the evening here.

See all the talks and keep an eye out for updates on the the next LDNSaaS event.

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Dina is the Head of Operations at GoSquared. She's responsible for ensuring the GoSquared team are aware of the concept of time and masterminding the successful LDNSaaS series

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