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MacBook Air – Already has its own Blog


MacBook Air Custom


How many unannounced products (with unconfirmed names) have their own blog?

The guys running the MacBook Air Blog have taken a “screenshot” of a page on the Apple Store that supposedly shows the customisation options for the new MacBook. I suppose, one could give them credit for their quick actions, but the image is quite obviously a 5 minute Photoshop edit, with very little thought put into the actual data shown.

For example, why would Apple suggest adding a 40 inch Cinema Display to your order, when a current MacBook isn’t even powerful enough, graphics wise, to run a 30 inch display. Also, it is fairly common knowledge that the 2 major Solid State Memory sizes currently available are 32GB and 64GB, whereas those listed in the image are 80GB and 60GB.

This “MacBook Air” also looks too similar to the current MacBooks, simply poorly Photoshopped to look a little smaller. If we do see a MacBook Air at Macworld, it will almost certainly follow Apple’s trend of anodized aluminium, in line with previous rumours.

The price point of this “MacBook Air” – $1,999.00 also does not seem correct. I would expect the new MacBook to be priced below the current MacBook due to its inevitably lower specs, or to perhaps even replace the current MacBook altogether.

All in all, to the owners of MacBookAirBlog: nice try, hope you had fun, now take a deep breath and put your Photoshop skills towards something more productive.

Not long until the Keynote! We’re not expecting another “world changing” keynote, like last year, but let’s hope Jobs brings us some good stuff for ’08.

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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