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Measure Bowling London Roundup


GoSquared at Measure Bowling London

Last night the GoSquared team attended the first ever Measure Bowling London Meetup. Along with the who’s who of the London analytics community, GoSquared fought for pole position in the race to be the most data informed bowling team in Europe.

Team GoSquared put up a good fight, and in keeping with our open and transparent culture, here’s our team scores laid out for all to see:

Scores and results of the GoSquared team at Measure Bowling London

AB = Alex Brooks, the clear winner on our team, with a score of 117 in the second match. Perhaps a few more beers and he could be in competition for a top 3 position at the next event.

We would also give you metrics on the litres of beer consumed, packets of crisps eaten, and the number of geeky tshirts spotted, but we lost count.

Want to attend Measure Bowling London next time?

Venn Diagram to show who should attend Measure Bowling, image courtesy of Peter ONeill

For more information on Measure Bowling (it’s a Europe-wide event, but we obviously attended Measure Bowling London), and to register for future events, check out the Measure Bowling site.

A huge thanks (and happy birthday) to Peter O’Neill of L3 Analytics who bowled us over with an impeccably well organised event.

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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