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Meet Saul – The Latest Member of our Team!


How have you found the first few weeks at GoSquared, Saul?

Hi all. Thanks for the welcome.

The first few weeks here have been great! Joining such a rapidly growing company as GoSquared, every day poses new challenges to get stuck into. There is never a dull moment!

The team here is great – we all make sure that if one is stuck, help is always at hand. We also make sure that while working hard, like all good companies, we play hard – a beer on a Friday is always a great end to the week!

What has caught your attention while working at GoSquared?

The thing that stands out most (apart from James’ dented MacBook) is the focus the team has on our awesome users!

Every decision we make is made based on what you guys want and the comments you make through feedback. Throughout each day we always ensure that time is set aside to discuss your feedback and look at ways of integrating your requests into GoSquared to allow you to make the most out of your websites.

So what’s your role?

Like in many small companies, it is important to be able to fill any role. So far I’ve been working on both development and business development tasks, but, who knows what I’ll be working on tomorrow!

We have some really cool ideas lined up and I’ll be working hard with the team to realise them.

Out of all of your tasks, what is your favourite?

I love working on the things that impact our users directly – whether that is A/B testing the website to improve usability or whether it is developing a new feature. If our users see it, I love being a part of it! It’s always great to hear the feedback on what we do.

When not working with the GoSquared team, what do you like to do?

I enjoy doing all sorts of things – running, music, reading and travelling – I love trying new things and going to new places.

Even when not in the office, I can usually be found reading up about new tech and thinking of how it can be used practically – It is really important to us here at GoSquared that we all know what is going on in the tech world around us so that we can use our knowledge to ensure that we are bringing our users the most up to date, cutting edge features.

Any final thoughts on working with us here at GoSquared?

I think we have a fantastic, tightly knit team here at GoSquared.

Geoff and JT are insane developers and it is awesome to see some of the things they are working on.

James is always thinking of you guys, our users, ensuring that we all put you first and make things as straightforward and easy as possible.

I hope that together with the existing team, I can help GoSquared to push boundaries and to explore new, exciting avenues. The possibilities of what we as a team can achieve are endless and I’m really excited to be a part of GoSquared. Watch this space!

Thanks for that Saul! Again, welcome to the team!

Join the team.

This is a post from our latest full-time team member – Saul Cullen (@saulgcullen)

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