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New Features Added to Google Mail


You may already know this, but now you can use your Gmail account to fetch mail from your other, non-Gmail accounts (up to 5 additional), all in one place, and take advantage of all of Gmail’s great features.

Unfortunately, the email accounts you wish to fetch will need to support POP access, so MSN is a no-no. However, this will be very useful in combining email accounts that do use POP3. Whether you want to combine gmail accounts, or add your domain emails to your gmail account. Something that before, you would have had to use software like Microsoft Outlook to do so. This could be viewed as yet another attempt to get users to stay on the net and use google’s web based programs rather than download Office. Earlier, last week we saw Google launch ‘Google Apps’ and this step will help encourage users due to extra compatibility now found from being able to use your gmail account to handle your domain emails.

This feature is currently only enabled for a limited number of users and will be made more available soon, so if you are interested you better sign up now!

To find out how, click here and follow the steps.

Under these new features, you are also able to change your ‘from:’ address when composing a message?

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