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Introducing the new GoSquared

It’s all new

We’re very proud to announce the new GoSquared, available immediately to all customers.

The new GoSquared introduces a new look and feel across the board, while also bringing a completely new version of Trends, the best way to see your website performance over time.

The new GoSquared is not just a facelift. It’s an entirely new beast under the hood. We’ve engineered the new GoSquared to take advantage of the latest data storage and processing technologies to bring you the fastest, most elegant analytics platform you’ve ever used.

The new Trends

The New GoSquared Trends

We’ve completely rethought Trends. Since its inception, it’s been the easiest way to get an overview of your site’s traffic over time.

The new Trends focuses around one of the most important aspects every business should be focused on: growth.

In the top left of the new Trends, you’ll see headlines, showing 6 of some of the most important metrics with growth analytics on each one. We have also introduced intelligent analytics to give estimations for Visits, Visitors and Pageviews for any timeframe.

The original version of Trends was still in production right up until today. Trends has been a solid service for providing historical data, but the underlying platform was never engineered to take the billions of pageviews GoSquared processes every month.

Now – the new name for Dashboard

The New GoSquared Now

Where it all started. The new GoSquared Now view has been renamed (from Dashboard) and we’ve revised every corner of the interface to be easier to view on larger screens.

Why the new name? GoSquared Trends and Now are both “dashboards” in reality, so it didn’t make sense calling one “Dashboard” and the other something else. Since all of GoSquared is real-time, the new “Now” view sums up what it does much better than “Live”, “Real-time”, or “Dashboard”.

The new Daily Reports

Rolling out over the coming weeks, Daily Reports are becoming more powerful and easier to read.

Learn more about the new GoSquared

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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