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Fellow readers of liquidicity, we are surprised. Genuinely surprised.

People print our posts.

We never realised that many of our readers actually like to have a real, physical copy of some of our posts to (I guess) stick on their wall, put in their scrapbook, hand out in the street, or do anything else with.

In all honesty, we never designed liquidicity for printing, and only rarely print posts off ourselves. So today, we decided to see just how bad liquidicity looked on paper – horrendous! The navigation bar showed up as an unordered, un-styled, empty list. The sidebar showed below the content, running over several pages. The default font was, gasp, Times New Roman, and the rest was just bad.

Worst of all, for even short posts at least 3 sheets of A4 paper needed to be printed due to the unordered layout spiralling off down the page. What a waste of ink and paper.

We immediately got to work on a new printable style sheet. Now whenever you print a post on liquidicity, your discerning eyes will be met with a centred, red, bold title, a well sized font, a focus on content, organised comments, and nothing else. No sidebar, no category links, no “digg this” – nothing that isn’t needed on a piece of paper. All in a lovely paper friendly font: Helvetica.

So, all we can say is… find your favourite post and hit “Print”! But not too many times, because we really do like trees.

Many thanks to Stass for pointing out that people actually print stuff off once in a while.

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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