Search in Embedded YouTube Videos

I’m not too sure how long this has been available, but it would appear that Google are now putting a search field inside the embedded YouTube video player that you see everywhere. I tried it again just now and the search bar didn’t show up, so I would give an educated guess and say Google is still playing with the idea and testing it out on a selection of videos.

I found thus just as I was browsing around after checking my thousands of RSS Feeds, I decided to pop over to MacRumors and read up some more on the upcoming Classics app. It’s gonna be fantastic – plus it’s had the influence of awesome designer Sebastiaan de With which can only be good thing.

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  • Jenn

    I’m curious as to how this work… forgive my limited imagination, but I don’t see how a person can “search” something that’s animated.. or in motion.

    Perhaps, just like a DVD has chapters which you can skip to.. YouTube videos will have tags written at certain intervals (every few seconds to every few minutes depending on the length of the clip) which you can “skip” to upon typing just a couple characters.

    So perhaps not, but like I said- my imagination lacks in certain areas.

  • @Jenn: Interesting interpretation. We launched this feature yesterday to a small audience to gauge the impact it’s use would have on our systems. Soon search will be in all embedded players.

    To answer your question as to how it works, it’s actually just an ordinary search box. If you search for “puppies” you will find videos of puppies (in fact, the same results you would find at

    You raise an interesting point though, and I wonder if there is anything we can do to make it more apparent what that box does at a glance. Or will people just use it and find out though?

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  • G


    I suppose if you pre-filled the search field with “Search YouTube…” in greyed out text then it would help the situation somewhat, and avoid some confusion.

    I assumed it was a search field that sent you to but that’s simply because I knew YouTube hadn’t been working on tagging sections of video publicly (even though you’re no doubt looking into it!)

    I must say the YouTube embedded player is looking better and better, and this revision will certainly lead to the YouTube site itself gaining more page views which can only be a good thing for you.

  • Jenn

    @Phil: I have to agree.. I think putting in ‘Search YouTube’ with greyed out text would prove beneficial. It may be obvious to the developers what you’re trying to establish with the search function, but as you just saw with me, I was a bit confused. Some people may not be so sure.. is it a YouTube search box? Or a Google/web search?

    And.. yes, now that I know the purpose of the search function I know that having a Google/web search is pointless- but, again, some people may just not know.