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Supporting Launch 48 Birmingham


The web industry is incredibly fast paced. Coming up with an idea, designing and building a minimum viable product and launching a company now only takes a few hours; a few years ago it used to take at least months.

Launch48 runs a series of events around the UK that encourage entrepreneurs, designers and developers to build companies and web apps in just a few days. Supported by mentors and already established startups, participants get a truly unique deep-end experience in creating their own apps; with a view to potentially launch them as fully established companies a few months after the event.

We’re proud to announce that GoSquared will be sponsoring and supporting Launch48 in Birmingham this coming weekend (Friday 16th March – Sunday 18th March). Along with giving away t-shirts and coding cheat sheets, team members Chris Leydon and Jack Kingston will be on hand as mentors. Both will be sharing their experiences on creating and working for startups, as well as providing support to participants.

If you’re attending Launch48, and have any questions about getting started with GoSquared, be sure to track down Chris and Jack; they’ll be more than happy to help and chat!

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