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The new GoSquared in Numbers

Stats on stats

New GoSquared

Without a doubt, I can safely say on behalf of the team that 2013 has been one of the most productive years in the history of GoSquared. With over a quarter of a million lines of code written, we’d like to share some numbers about our work for the new GoSquared.

To name only a few of the highlights of this release, we have:

  • Completely rebuilt Trends, from back to front. A whole new stack of data stores, processing applications, APIs and interfaces has been born.
  • Heavily updated Dashboard. Sharing a unified codebase with Trends, Dashboard has received the same improvements in performance, look and feel.
  • Built a new site from scratch. CDN’d and fully static, this thing is fast.
  • Begun revamping our login and account management systems for a faster experience.
  • Worked on much moreā€¦

All Change

Behind the scenes, this has all been fabricated through a vast number of code changes and infrastructure improvements. While it’s difficult to exactly quantify these changes, approximately:

  • 74 separate internal projects were updated
  • 9 new projects were created
  • 3 new server clusters set up and configured
  • Several data model + storage prototypes evaluated, scrapped or iterated
  • 259,625 code additions
  • 142,672 code deletions
  • 2,889 total commits


This amounts to, per developer, on average:

  • 86,542 code additions
  • 47,557 code deletions
  • 963 commits
  • Majority of contributions spread across an average of 16 projects

Trends V1 Eulogy

The old Trends project, a PHP codebase of 218,819 lines backed by Memcached / MySQL / MongoDB storage, is being retired. At last.

We created the original Trends back in 2010 during our gap year, fresh out of secondary school. We had no idea it would have to handle the growth it has seen since then. We’re still amazed that it has been capable of powering the historical aspect of GoSquared’s analytics for 3 years.

Sure, the ride was bumpy and we had to make several improvements to keep it chugging along. But mostly it worked very well and as far as software projects go, Trends V1 had a seriously impressive run.

It’s a bitter/sweet end. We’re sad to see the door close on Trends V1. But the show must go on, and we’re excited to continue Trends’ legacy with its powerful new successor. The new GoSquared empowers us to do more, provide a faster, more reliable service, and ship improvements more frequently. It’s a labour of love and we hope you enjoy using it as much as we love making it.

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