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The New Home of GoSquared


The new home and account area of GoSquared

If you’ve signed in to your GoSquared account in the last few days you will have noticed some major changes to GoSquared.

Back in February, we celebrated our 6th birthday by releasing the entirely new GoSquared Dashboard into beta for all premium members of GoSquared.

All your sites in one place in GoSquared

All your sites in one place.

Now when you sign in to GoSquared, instead of getting a list of plans, or viewing your personal details, you get a beautiful overview of all sites in your GoSquared account. Easily see which sites are owned by you and which have been shared with you by other team members.

You can now see how many people are on each of your sites right from home. Click the settings cog icon to change settings for any of your sites – edit its name and URL, change your notification settings, share the site with other team members, and more.

Easier access for developers.

Head over to the “Developer” tab to see your API key and Site Tokens for all of your sites in one easy to read screen.

Year plans.

We’ve always been striving to offer you the best real-time analytics at the very best prices. Until now, we’ve offered monthly plans that can be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled at any time. In order to drive down the cost for you even further, we’re now offering yearly plans that take the equivalent monthly price down by almost 20%. If you downgrade or upgrade within a year of signing up for a year plan, we’ll credit your account for the remaining time so you won’t lose out.

GBP pricing.

Time and time again, we’ve had people in the UK asking us why all our pricing has been in USD. The simple reason has, until now, been that we didn’t have time to implement it. We decided to make time, and now GoSquared is available on monthly and yearly plans in both USD and GBP. This also makes invoicing and accounting much better for UK businesses using us. If you’d like to switch over to GBP pricing (if you’re a UK customer paying us in USD) please get in touch with our billing team.

Dramatically better billing system, with invoicing.

You can now grab your invoices in a matter of seconds by going to “My Account” and downloading any that you want as PDFs. We’ll also email you invoices every month.

GoSquared works beautifully on iPhone, iPad, and any device you have

Works everywhere.

People use GoSquared on their desktops, and on the go on their phones, and on their iPads. People even use GoSquared on TVs so the whole team can see what’s going on. That’s why we designed Dashboard to work on almost any device, scaling up and down dynamically depending on screen size and browser capabilities. We designed the new Home of GoSquared to work just as well on your phone as it does on your iMac. Try signing in and scaling up and down your browser window – we think you’ll love it.

Usage stats.

Another little feature – you can now see how many pagviews you’ve used in your current billing cycle. So you can now very quickly understand when you’re going to go over your limit for the given billing cycle, making it easier to avoid hitting your limit and losing any traffic data.


Follow @GoSquaredStatus for updates on GoSquared uptime and any issues that you may be experiencing. We’ve also included the latest GoSquared Status within Home so every time you sign in you’ll immediately have an answer if anything’s not working as you expect.

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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