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The new liquidicity


liquidicity reloaded

Here it is: the completely redesigned liquidicity.

You may be thinking “hey this is great – a new liquidicity”, but what did the old one look like? Well, here’s a little comparison for you:

liquidicity oldy - header

Above, you can see the fairly bland, pale looking design. Sure it was simple, but it didn’t look that great, and some things were a little odd to use.

And here’s the shiny new liquidicity:

liquidicity newby - header

Above is the lovely new theme. We went for a darker look to emphasize the difference between content and everything else. The sidebar has been cleaned up to the extreme with some sexy script.aculo.us effects to show our categories and archive lists without taking up tons of page space.

We also got rid of the dreaded of all dreaded design nightmares – Google Adsense. What more can we say other than Pheeeeeeeew.

It’s also a lot easier to see and munch on our feed – bright orangey red – you can’t miss it!

We didn’t forget about the rest of the page, either – so we made a whole load of improvements to the bottom of the page, just look the difference:

liquidicity oldy - footer

Above, the old, boring, grey footer: nothing much really.

And our lovely new page footer:

liquidicity newby - footer

All the links you could need to the rest of the site, and a lovely little divider line. Rounds of the page nicely.

We hope you enjoy the design as much as we enjoyed… celebrating its completion.

* There’s still a few little loose ends to tie up – especially working with that browser a few people use, what was it called again… Internet Explorer, or something.

Written by
James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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