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The Nintendo Wii is ‘smashing’


Struggling to make much of an impact in the previous gaming generation which saw sales of the likes of the PS2 and Xbox flourish, Nintendo were determined to make sure that their latest, Next-gen console was launched without out a hitch.
Todays European launch of the Nintendo Wii however has been overshadowed by a series of alleged incidents in which the system’s innovative controller has flown out of over enthusiastic gamer’s hands and smashed their TV screens.

Nintendo announced inital global Wii shipments of 1m units have been immediate sell-outs as the machines hit shops in the US and Japan. The company said it still aimed to sell 4m units worldwide by December 31. This time making it for Christmas as opposed to their lesser Nintendo Gamecube.

Unfortunately for gamers though, screen damage is not included in the warranty.

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