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Turn WordPress Into Your Own Job Board


BlueFur Jobs

Gary Jones from BlueFur contacted me today about a new project they’re working on call BlueFur Jobs.

The aim is simple- to turn WordPress into an easy to manage job board that anyone can host. It’s not quite ready, but you can try it out here. The best thing about it is when it is 100% ready for prime time they’re going to release the code for free so we can all enjoy the benefits of their blood, sweat and cheers.

I wrote about the project over at GoSquared Discuss earlier today, but I thought I would promote it to liquidicity so everyone can see what a great piece of work this is.

I tested it out briefly and first impressions are great:

The Great Stuff

* Posting of new jobs is really simple
* Useful RSS Feeds for each job category
* Instant preview of job post
* Clear division of job categories at both top and bottom of page
* “next” and “previous” job categories at bottom of page
* No sign-in necessary
* Overall really simple to use

Improvements That Could be Made

* First and foremost – a search function would make it much easier to find jobs. Especially if the number of jobs reaches into the hundreds.
* People may not be over keen on their email address being posted out in the open. Perhaps hiding this with a coded image or a hashed code would be better.
* Greater focus on “job description” to ensure enough detail on what the job is about is given. Perhaps allow basic html formatting (bold, italics, bullets etc.)
* On posting a new job, clicking “preview” would ideally scroll the page up to where the preview text shows.
* Indication of new jobs to returning visitors with an icon or formatting.

To Make it Kick-ass

* Link “location” field to a mapping site like Google Maps.
* Allow people to sign in to post jobs without having to fill everything in again.
* Ability to share a job with friends by email.

All in all, BlueFur Jobs looks to be an awesome job board, and we are really looking forward to seeing it develop.

Drop a comment to help them out – they are looking for as much help as possible while they develop it.

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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