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Updated Ruby gem

Easily add analytics and live chat to your Ruby app

GoSquared and the new updated Ruby gem

We want to make it easy for you to understand and connect with your users. Part of that means making it easy to get set up with GoSquared in the first place.

So we’ve made a significant update to the GoSquared Ruby gem which enables you to easily add analytics and live chat to your app.

Now when you install our Ruby gem, you’ll have the option to auto-generate and inject your GoSquared JavaScript snippet across all of your Rails views. You’ll then not only have access to real-time analytics across all pages in your web app but you’ll also be set up to use the all-new GoSquared Live Chat too.

Once you’ve bundled the gem, all you have to do is use our generator and pass in your site token to auto-generate your GoSquared configuration file, then you’re ready to go! (if you don’t have a GoSquared account yet, get started with a free trial and grab your site token.)

In addition to this, you’ll still have access to GoSquared’s Tracking and Reporting APIs from within your Rails app.

The GoSquared Tracking API enables you to track events for the actions users perform in your app. Identify users with the Tracking API so you can tie events and other properties to a specific user.

Using the Reporting API will allow you to fetch your data from your GoSquared account.

The GoSquared Reporting API is split into the following key sections:

  • Now – real-time concurrent overview of website and app visitors.
  • Trends – historical overview of visitors, including ecommerce metrics.
  • People – the centralised store of your user data.
  • Account – programmatically manage your GoSquared account.

All this functionality is packaged up into one Ruby gem that you can grab now on GitHub or install via RubyGems with gem install gosquared.

Written by
Russell is a sales engineer at GoSquared, focused on helping new customers get up and running with the GoSquared platform.

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