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Use any Headphones with the iPhone


At GoSquared, we like parties. So what could possibly be better than turning up armed with your iPhone and ready to accept the offer of “have you got any drum and bass?” and get some beats pumping on the hi-fi? Except you can’t (except if you want to fork out a further £15 for an adapter) because of the inset jack! Bummer!!

Right, now this is where the ingeniousness comes in and where my bohemian streak comes to show. I will show you how to plug any pair of headphones into the iPhone without having to buy an adapter and yes, without having to file the hole larger.

Firstly, don’t start cutting headphones up. You may think “oh yes i can wire speakers, so why can’t i wire headphones?” The answer to this is that its very fiddly and just not worth your while because even if you do manage to re join the ipod headphone jack to another pair of headphones, the quality will suck!


Ok, so lets begin. Start by removing the plastic at the base of the jack (with a bit of persuasion, it should slide up) which will then reveal another fitting underneath. (like in the photo below)


I used a pair of old Sony headphone extenders. Headphone extenders are ideal for this as rather than having to go about this procedure with all of your headphones, you can just do it to that and plug them into that instead.


You may find that the few jack will fit straight into the iPhone, but depending on the headphones it may need just a little bit of filing down with use of a needle-file (pictured)


And there you go! you should be happily listening to your iPhone music with your now jack-hacked (a little word i made up) headphones!


The best bit is, it is completely reversible. When you’re done, simply slide the plastic back to its original state (providing you haven’t damaged it in the process so be moderately careful). This may not work on every single pair of headphones. Different types may differ but it will be interesting to see what works and what doesn’t

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