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Wake up and smell the Cappuccino


Cappuccino is cool

Do you remember earlier this year a web application called 280Slides?

Let’s refresh our memory a little bit – 280Slides was a stunning piece of work both on the beautiful UI that felt like a native OS X app, right through to the core that was an entirely new framework that promised to make developing web applications just the same as building desktop ones. Well today that framework has been launched to the public (with a suitably beautiful icon) as open source, and it’s called Cappuccino.

There’s not much I can say about Cappuccino right now that isn’t on their site, other than give my full support for this truly advanced framework. What sets it apart from other javascript frameworks such as MooTools (which we love and use extensively by the way), script.aculo.us, and jquery is that Cappuccino is built specifically for developing full blow web applications, not just sprucing up existing web pages and adding a little dynamism. Cappuccino, in fact, is so far removed from existing ways* of building web applications that they claim you won’t need to know very much about web development at all:

“With Cappuccino, you don’t need to know HTML. You’ll never write a line of CSS. You don’t ever have to interact with DOM. We only ask developers to learn one technology, Objective-J, and one set of APIs.”

This is a massive step in the right direction for existing desktop application developers (especially those already developing for OS X) as they can relatively easily start building similar applications “for the cloud” and harness the power of the web to push the boundaries of their application design.

We are really looking forward to having a play around with Cappuccino, and we highly recommend you popping over to their site simply to check it out and learn more.

* Sprout Core also takes a similar view to building web applications (rather than adding AJAX to HTML pages), but it’s a different framework that still requires you to learn web based languages. Sprout Core was covered extensively (around the same time as 280Slides) when Apple released MobileMe which is built using Sprout Core.

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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