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We’ve built a Node.js module for you

Use GoSquared in your Node.js apps

Hey developers, listen up.

So I’d say we’re a Node.JS shop. We leverage a whole truck-load of other tools as well, as I’m sure you do the same, but primarily we like to put things together with Node.JS and JavaScript as our tooling of choice. Which is why I’m somewhat baffled to have realised we still hadn’t been fully promoting an official Node.JS module for all you fantastic developers.

A little while ago, Mr. Tabor (or Tabornator as he’s known on our team) put together a charming little Node.JS client for the GoSquared API. It did the trick and worked well, but we still weren’t maintaining or pushing it enough.

That changes today; this morning I boshed out a whole bunch of improvements to the little module to give you the official GoSquared Node.JS module, up for grabs now on NPM.

Using the module, you can swiftly load data from any API function with the API key and token for your GoSquared site. It’s ridiculously easy to install and use, so give it a go and we’d be extremely grateful for any feedback / improvements.

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