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Windows Vista XL


To those that thought upgrading to Vista is truly pointless; this is for you!

Akihabara Electric Town, Japan has started the marketing drive and promotion for Windows Vista with an extra large packaging box to attract window shoppers and passers-by. This retail package box has dimensions of 95cm in height, 75cm in width and 25 cm in length.

This DSP version is the latest in ‘cutting edge’ sales techniques used by Microsoft accompanying the iconic catchphrase ‘The wow is now.’

Don’t get me wrong, I love Vista and would definitely recommend it to any user be it Mac or PC but this really is pointless. I don’t know what Microsoft were thinking at the time of release but it is enough to make even the most hardcore Windows fanatic cringe as well as serve as fuel for the newly smug apple user. This brings me on to the subject of the new Apple ads that have just been released featuring Microsoft Office. If Apple were so superior and made the best programs, something that they have spent millions on over the past month; then why would they want Microsoft Office? It is a contradiction, it doesn’t make sense! The whole ‘I’m a Mac,’ ‘I’m, a PC’ gag is supposed to distance Apple away from Microsoft, or are Apple trying to admit that they can’t create a package good enough to rival the ‘soft.

New Mac Ad

Oh yes, forgot to mention that these boxes are LIMITED EDITION so wait for the eBay paraphernalia, pictures below…


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