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Young Rewired State 2012


Young Rewired State 2012

The weekend gone witnessed the end of an exciting week in the world of coding. Young Rewired State which began last Monday saw young people come together all around the country to build and hack together applications of all types, the only stipulation being that they use open source data. Encouraged and aided by mentors the events which numbered in their tens saw influential speakers and events encouraging young people to get involved in coding.

On Friday the action focused in on Birmingham where the final events took place, including of course the chance to show off what they had built during the week and see what others had built—a sort of show and tell. Role models from the likes of Twilio, Pearson, Wolfram and GoSquared were also on hand giving talks and checking out the hard work for themselves.

The end result was over 100 projects from 38 centres across the country, the five winners are certainly worth taking a look at, they are: Postcode Wars, Why Waste a Vote?, SmartMove, Way to go, and Humap.

Speaking at YRS

GoSquared CEO, James Gill, had travelled to Birmingham for the final event and got a chance to meet some of the talented participants when he gave a short talk about GoSquared and how the company got started.

It was an absolute pleasure to speak at the event, and to see how much talent there is in the new generation of coders is truly inspiring. To see what these guys and girls can imagine and create in just one week blew my mind.

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